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1. Ticketing

Short Food Movie's Digital Wall waits for you in Milan from May to October 2015. Come see it LIVE!

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2. Take part

Upload your video (between 30 - 60 seconds long) on this portal before April 30th 2015: it will be part of the global mosaic of videos for Expo Milan 2015!

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3. Share

Explore the themes of Expo Milano 2015 with the videos from all over the world and share your favourites!


Discover EXPO Milano 2015 and Short Food Movie

expo 2015 video

Samantha Cristoforetti for Short Food Movie #Expo2015

Short Food Movie / en / Food & Life
expo 2015 video

FOOD LIFE: EXPO Milano 2015

Short Food Movie / it / Cibo & Vita
expo 2015 video

Join the Global Open Call!

Short Food Movie / it / Cibo & Vita


expo 2015 video

Back to the Food

Michael Donatone / IT / Food & Culture
expo 2015 video

Col cibo non si scherza

Francesco Fanuele Gianluca Santoni / IT / Food & Life
expo 2015 video

My Promise

Alfonso Orioste / PH / Food & Life
expo 2015 video


Federica Tantardini / CH / Food & Wellness

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